Features of Plus500 online broker

Besides being an online trading platform, Plus500 is also used as a CFD broker and as a trading platform for several other STP brokers. It includes spreads, commissions and slippage and re-quotes. You are able to take trades on the broker's trading platforms without the need to transfer funds to your bank account or to another online trading system.

Hence, it eliminates the need to transfer funds to an account for a stated amount of time, which is an important factor when you are getting a higher trade volume, with lower costs and leverage.

Forex is the largest foreign exchange market in the world, with the greatest liquidity and the largest average daily trade volume. You can also use this platform to trade in commodities such as heating oil, metal and various farm products.

Due to its size and liquidity Plus500 is able to provide brokerage services for high-net-worth individuals, central banks, large commercial banks, central banks, investment banks and funds meant for large market transactions.

Substantial amount of capital is required for an account and if you are a small trader or someone with low trade volumes you are usually automatically eligible for the lowest spreads among the most competitive financial institutions.

Grants for small investorsare often written in the currency of non-USD states, and it is really difficult forallows investors Maximize profits through the international financial system.ICICI, one of India's largest financial institutions, has extended its institutional knowledge across the world by operating in Hong Kong, Singapore, wage earner Japan and the UK.

With the advent of internet banking, trading in forex has become more accessible. A trader need not worry about how to access his trade position or place an order. He can immediately place an order and access the market through his computer and phone.

Your money is safe - secure and easy to access.

Your enrolled deposit is kept safe and easily accessible. When you open an account, you have Instant Deposits privileges, Automated Clearing Discount privileges and Direct Deposit of your checks. Account management allows you to easily sort the expire dates of your account by check, order, or account number. This is very important for the protection of your money. Auto trading, push Notifications, twenty four hour Technical Analysis, webtrader e- Statements and webtrader electronic post statements are available to help the traders. Access to webtrader proceeds by way of WebTrader Online passport. Webtrader Online passport serves very simply as your own personal account as you can access your account enquiry and see all the blogs and forums with other traders.

So, you can share and interact with traders from all around the world, irrespective of time zones. You can solve all the technical problems and discuss with other traders. Another important and unique feature of WebTrader 5000 Plus500 platform is the opportunities, which it offers to traders. WebTrader 5000 features chart and Expert Advisers. All these tools are available in WebTrader 5. In WebTrader 5, Trade protected Access improvements has been added and made quicker. You can now use Trade protected Access directly from Internet. You can hold and fund your account with Web Trader 5, and trade directly on the charts or from the tools and then transfer the profits to your account.

International customers are not ignored and this is something really helpful. Other features of WebTrader 5000 platform are fixed spreads, within BPS, Flexible prices, Market Watch, Latest Changes, Ken Kobe Standing OTC, Ken showcases, Ken downs and Ken + 1-3 and Ken + 1-3 modes. Plus 500 direct access, twenty four hour Market outlook and market research, WebTrader 5000’s latest Hot Tips, WebTrader e-mail and WebTrader Plus500 contacts.