What is it PredictPlanner


Managing financial plans for online trading is complex and rigorous activity that requires precision especially when talking about CFD instruments requiring special attention given the high financial risk to which they expose the investor and their monetary asset, also resulting in potential high losses.

Trading, thanks to a smart technology, provided by dozens of apps and brokers specialized in online trading, has attracted hundreds of thousands of retail investors, around the world, in juggling with a certain ease in investments of various sizes and nature, diversified both by form and by type of contract, especially short-term. In this new dimension the Cfds play a role of great impact in how much they offer the attractive opportunity of being able to trade any Stock (also for currency) with a minimal capital. In fact, through leverage it amplifies/multiplies its real value.

For example: with a leverage ratio of 1/10 for every $ 1000 invested they turn exponentially into $ 10.000, all in a simple and quick click. Obviously there are softer levers but also much stronger type 1/300 or even more.

This easy and dynamic mechanism has caught the attention of the general public, even the most inexperienced, attracted by the quick and easy gains where a small amount committed can tenfold its value, even in a few minutes of intraday trading.

Evidently a very persuasive system seen the large number of people who, in the last two / three years, has been directly involved in a massive way. Of course, as you can get potential gains even the losses are very likely and the estimate is 70/80% of the total. Yes, about the 80% of retail traders, who try this way, lose part of their money if not the entire invested capital.

We are talking about retail traders, that is the people of not professional people who attempt adventure without (or almost) any expertise in finance and technical analysis. A not insignificant problem since systems or support software that can fill and solve it are really few or reserved for those who know how to technically use them as a professional which applies, with rigour and method, the Best Practices in Financial Management as an operational adoption of Risk&money Management (financial education that few know).

Here comes the need to have an agile and complete tool, able to satisfy this need with a product oriented to protect the capital invested in this type of trading, offering the user a more conscious approach. A product designed and dedicated to an audience devoid of operational skills where, through its use, can get the real vision and size on the type of bet that is facing.

Clearly, in a context of disadvantage, even the most experienced trader can benefit with an extremely complete and functional WorkSheet with dynamic indicators and graphs able to offer added value to the investment plan engineering activity through a planning and diversification of the operational strategy at the occurrence of a certain situation that is difficult to calculate or predict, thus obtaining , a vision, on risk, sharper and under control, especially when it comes to financial instruments such as CFDs.

Predict and plan positions before implementing them, through your own broker, creates a real advantage.

This is the mission of Predictplanner, a predictive mathematical dashboard designed to help and support the user in managing their capital by offering greater financial control to date missing, maximizing risk exposure security. Empower and raise awareness among the largest number of people in personal financial risk management.

With this vision we provide a free tool with the hope of being able to be a concrete support dedicated to the protection of capital.